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Erianna Delivorias - by GypsySquid
A lovely portrait of my character Erianna Delivorias by the talented and all-around nice guy :icongypsysquid:

Erianna Delivorias was content to remain as your average, run-of-the-mill adventurer, until one dungeon-delving excursion turned into much more. Now a 6'6" Amazonian but sometimes 500'+ giantess, she's just doing her best to protect the people close to her.

Art by :icongypsysquid:
Erianna © GeeSeeBee

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     The forgotten Shrine of Iuna built under the base of Kryvelt Peak would be quite the trek for the seasoned pilgrim had it not fallen out of use nearly a millenia ago. Built in ages long past deep in Tralnorn Woods by an ancient sect of the Goddess’s followers, worshippers would seek out the shrine to pray to the Goddess of the Hearth to protect their homes and give strength to those who would defend it. The passage of time, however, had made certain that this once holy site was only remembered by wizened religious scholars and foolish fortune hunters seeking its rumored treasure. Any credible sources regarding the shrine’s location and its contents had been lost in the centuries past, leaving only rumors and speculation to aid potential adventurers in rediscovering Iuna’s sanctuary.

    It was on a warm summer morning in front of the impressive cave entrance to this lost temple that Erianna Delivorias could be found breaking camp and making final preparations for venturing inside. Erianna, a red-headed woman of small stature and unremarkable appearance, was no stranger to exploring abandoned dwellings in search of relics forgotten by time, having seen her fair share of dungeons during her 26 years. Today, however, Erianna was filled with a mix of determination and anxiety while packing away her things. Her source of information this time was not the well-researched findings of an adventuring guild officer, nor a university commissioning her services as a “retriever of items of historical importance” (as she preferred to call herself in place of such demeaning terms like “thief” or “rogue”).

    Rather, the map in her possession that led her so deep into uninhabited lands was of more dubious origins. A week ago, Erianna was looking for (relatively) honest work at the local tavern, The Crow’s Wing, in her hometown of Ravensburg. She was about to give up and look elsewhere when she was called over by a lone patron to sit and discuss a “mutually profitable arrangement”, as the cloaked traveller put it.

    Failing to introduce himself (“Who I am is not important. It’s what I can do that will interest you,” he explained), the elderly elf jumped straight into business. “The people I represent have secured a very interesting lead regarding a nearby shrine. This map will lead you to a long forgotten temple of Iuna, which my employers would like cleared of any unfriendly denizens or long-standing traps. Upon satisfactory completion of this excursion, you will be paid five-hundred gold pieces, as well as payment for anyinteresting relics you may happen to retrieve while you’re there. I think that sounds fair for someone of your unique skillset, hmm?”

    “And what, exactly, do you and your ‘employers’ know of me and my skillset?” Erianna responded incredulously. She had enough experience under her belt to know a suspicious job when she saw one, and there were too many vague details for Erianna not to feel uncomfortable.

    “Why, anyone who spends any amount of time in town knows of Ravensburg’s Lady Thief,” the elf answered slyly. Erianna clicked her tongue at the mention of her unofficial title. It was true that she had made herself infamous for her past exploits. She liked to believe that her actions were usually noble, even if she did happen to personally benefit from them.

    “Besides,” the stranger continued, “I think we both know you’re not exactly in a position to turn down any work. That was quite the promise you made last night, and it would be a shame if you weren’t able to keep your word.” Erianna groaned. It seemed that news of her drunken boasting had already spread through town.

    Despite being a peaceful town, Ravensburg had its share of problems, not the least among them was the occasional raid from nomadic Orc tribes. To make matters worse, such attacks were increasing in frequency and severity. Facing the very real possibility of seeing the town deserted, Erianna, encouraged by friends and several pints of ale, made a vow before the forlorn patrons of the Crow’s Wing. “I, Erianna, the Lady Thief of Ravensburg, swear to you all that I shall procure our salvation - a standing militia of no fewer than a hundred men, straight from the King’s capital itself!” While her showmanship had made her certainly popular the previous night, it only took until the morning for the consequences to settle in. Having put her name and the hopes of the people on the line, Erianna had no choice but to raise the necessary funds required to hire such battle-ready men.

    And so it was that Erianna found herself accepting suspicious work from a man that she didn’t trust to meet ends she didn’t know. “All the perfect ingredients for a catastrophe,” Erianna told herself with a wry smile as she hoisted her pack. Regardless of her misgivings though, she knew her purpose for taking this mission and what was at stake; with renewed determination, she set forth to venture inside the mouth of the cave.



    When it comes to dungeon delving, there are a number of “tips of the trade” that adventurers should keep in mind when exploring hostile environments, and Erianna was proud that she knew most of them. For example, one should always carry around a container of mint extract to hold under one’s nose in the case of dealing with troglodytes. Erianna was thankful she came prepared with exactly that when she encountered a small tribe of them living not too deep into the cave. With a stone giving off magical illumination hanging from her belt, a short sword in one hand, and a vial of sweet-smelling mint pressed to her nostrils in the other, it was all she could do to keep herself from gagging on the infamous stench of the reptilian monsters as she deftly dealt blow after blow, until the ones left standing retreated towards the cave’s exit.

    Continuing on, Erianna was reminded of another rule - if it looks suspicious, there’s probably a reason. Before her, the passage through the cave widened into a large cavern, the walls and floor oddly smooth as if it were manufactured stone. Realizing this marked the beginning of the Shrine proper, Erianna retrieved her collapsable 10 foot pole and started tapping away at the floor in front of her while she proceeded forward. About halfway through, a spot on the floor gave a little as she pressed upon it, to which Erianna smiled knowingly. Approaching carefully and hunched over, she put her foot over the spot and set her weight upon it. She was greeted with the sound of poison-tipped arrows whizzing inches above her head and colliding with the opposite wall. Satisfied with her trap-disarming know-how, she stood back up and continued along her way.

    Erianna met with a few more hazards during her excursion, including flesh-eating slimes, spiked pits, and all manner of creepy crawlies with too many legs and eyes; dealing handedly with each challenge with the poise and grace expected of someone with her expertise. A few more hours of adventuring later, and her effort finally paid off. Deep within the cave, she found a pair of large, heavy stone doors, no less than 10 feet high and 5 feet wide. Operating a nearby lever, the sound of ancient machinery echoed through the cave as the doors slowly opened. After checking for traps, Erianna continued inside.

    The shrine was a sight to behold; the large, rectangular room eerily lit by enchanted blue-flamed torches fitted into sconces spaced evenly along the walls of the chamber. The scale of the room made Erianna feel absolutely miniscule, as she remarked to herself that the largest building back home, the town hall, could easily fit inside with  room to spare. At the opposite end of hall, she spied her goal: a large stone altar under the watchful protection of a statue of the goddess Iuna. Striking a noble pose, Iuna stood with arm extended and longsword pointed ever forward, with her reliable round shield held by her side. In contrast to her armaments, Iuna wore the simple robes of a farmer’s housewife, her left breast exposed, and upon her feet were a simple pair of common sandals. This depiction was common within the church of Iuna, reminding its worshippers that everyone had a responsibility to protect their home in whatever form that may take. The statue was immense, standing nearly 40 ft. tall if Erianna’s guess was correct, the blue lighting giving it a ghostly pallor. Erianna stood in awe of this proud figure until she forcefully reminded herself of her mission and began a cautious approach towards the altar, her steps echoing along the way.

    Upon reaching the base of the statue, she gently took off her pack to properly inspect the curious altar. Around the size of a sarcophagus, the stone table was rather austere in appearance, bearing no inscriptions or other clues to its purpose. It wasn’t until she was standing right before it that she found the one thing that was seemingly out of place. On the center of the altar lay nothing more than a single onyx ring, gently reflecting the blue light of the chamber. This was enough to give Erianna reason to pause - after all, it fell in line with her rule about suspicious objects found in dungeons. She wasn’t about to take any chances when she was so close to returning home a richer woman, but something about the whole situation seemed off to her. Erianna took her time to closely inspect the ring from a distance, but finding none of the signs of booby traps, she concluded that the ring was safe to pilfer.

    Picking up the relic, she took the opportunity to better observe the mysterious object. Despite being so small, it certainly had a bit of weight to it, and its polished shine seemed unusual for supposedly being kept here alone for hundreds of years. “I hope you were worth all the trouble,” Erianna mused aloud. Although she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, there was something about the ring that kept Erianna from putting it away with her other valuables. Rather, she continued to flip it over in the palm of her hand. “I suppose if they don’t know about it, they can’t miss it either,” Erianna reasoned. With a shrug, she slipped it on her left hand and held it up to better catch the light.

    Then it happened. A sudden jolt like lightning shot from the ring on her hand and coursed through her whole body. Erianna shivered as the hairs on her arms stood on end. Before she could even process what was happening, a tiny, almost undetectable sensation of lightheadedness made her reach out for the altar for support. Except Erianna misjudged the distance between her hand and the pillar, as she stumbled forward to catch herself. Looking down to where her hand was placed on the table, she experienced a brief moment of discontinuity in her memories. “Wait a minute…this altar…wasn’t it bigger just a moment ago?” she asked herself.

    The realization hit her immediately; in a moment of carelessness, she must have activated a trap triggered by the removal of the ring. Cursing her inattentiveness, Erianna immediately sprung into a defensive stance, ready and alert to deal with the repercussions of her negligence.However, she then experienced another new sensation, as if her weight had just shifted without having moved. This feeling of redistribution in her body caught her off guard, and she held her arms out to keep her balance.

    Once again throwing her hands out to the nearby table for support, Erianna closed her eyes in focus as she tried to will away the symptoms caused by the unidentified trap. What could be causing these strange, unsettling feelings within her? Was it some sort of strange poison released into the air? No, her Amulet of Altered Breathing protected her from such perils. Perhaps some sort of triggered illusion? Couldn’t be, her Amulet of Mental Fortitude would resist even the most powerful of enchantments. Erianna was so wrapped up in her state of panic that she didn’t even notice the newfound tightness in her chest, or the fact that she was having to lean over more and more to keep her weight on the altar. Regardless of whether she was aware of it or not, Erianna was starting to grow.

    Quietly at first, but more prominent by the second, the sound of stretching leather could be heard as the straps of Erianna’s leather breastplate put up a valiant defense against the mysterious swelling in her chest. Sensing something wrong, she leapt up in surprise, but the sudden movement combined with the increasing stress on her armor caused both shoulder straps to break in unison, as it clattered to the ground around her feet. Erianna couldn’t believe it; she had just effortlessly torn through her leather breastplate. “Sunuva...that armorsmith sold me junk!” Erianna exclaimed. “I could have died! When I get my hands on--”

    The unfortunate merchant who sold her the “defective” armor would be spared from Erianna's wrath today, as her finely-tuned sense of hearing picked up another strange sound emanating from her person. The creaking of the metal clasp of her belt alerted her to the fact that the ring's divine effects had only just begun.

    “Wha… what the hell!?” Erianna stammered, barely able to get her sentence out. Her mouth was dry, her vision was blurred... and something else, something unfamiliar was happening as well. Unable to identify the sensation, she could only stand with shaking legs as she experienced what felt like a release of tension throughout her entire body, only for the feeling to repeat, and then repeat again, with each subsequent iteration being several degrees stronger than the last. Her emotions were running amok as she felt a weird combination of bewilderment, unease, and... pleasure?

    She could not deny that whatever was happening to her, it wasn’t unpleasant by any definition of the word. She had no previous experience to compare to these sensations that wreaked blissful havoc through her entire body, only that it almost felt like a healing spell cast by a deacon of the Goddess’ church, but also combined with a strength-increasing transmutation charm from a seasoned wizard. Except, even this was unable to compare to the sheer magnitude of the magic that was coursing through Erianna’s being, this feeling of empowerment continuously refreshing itself. Unbeknownst to Erianna, the divide between her inherent power and those of humans grew greater and greater with every passing moment.

    It was then that she noticed the constriction on her chest, explaining her difficulty in breathing. Erianna looked down, and her popped wide; before her was a body that she barely recognized as her own. Her slim, boyish figure that had contributed so well to the grace and dexterity needed for a thief was gone, and in its place stood a figure that would rival the finest courtesans of the capital city.

    Erianna stared in utter disbelief at what lay before her; barely contained by her bra and woolen shirt was a pair of soft, shapely breasts, easily as large as an orc’s fist, heaving with each panicked breath. The fact that her armor had been specially fitted for her now former stature meant that her newly gained assets didn't have much freedom to move around, as they pushed and strained the limits of her garments while continuing to increase in volume and sensitivity. As if responding to her attention, a warmth started to spread through Erianna’s chest, whereupon, before her very eyes, she saw her orbs grow a size larger, and then larger again, the tops of which nearly spilled out over the top of her shirt. Unable to believe her eyes, Erianna immediately reached up to take hold and confirm that what she saw was real. Even while feeling them through the thickness of her top and undergarment, she could most definitely tell that she wasn’t seeing things, as their sensitivity at even the slightest graze sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine. Before too long, what started as cautious investigating turned into absent-minded groping as Erianna forgot the urgency of her situation in favor of further probing of her newfound goods. “What in the Goddess’ name is happening to m-- Ah! Ohhhhhh…” she trailed off, her words quickly devolving into simple moans of bliss. It wasn’t until she stumbled backwards into the pedestal behind her and felt a very soft, very padded collision that she realized the ring had had more of an effect than she first observed.

    “That can’t be, is that… is that my butt?” Erianna was, of course, referring to the twin spheres she saw when she turned around. These round, pert, and shapely cheeks had replaced her flat and forgettable derriere with a sexy, athletic ass that she would have never in her wildest dreams believed she could possess. Her hips had also began to flare out, further accentuating her curves, and giving Erianna a very feminine, very desirable tush. Already Erianna’s ass had begun to spill over her waistband, and as she started dumbfounded, it only continued its outward expansion to escape the limiting confines of her leggings. And just as before, Erianna’s hand found its way down to cup the shape of her new behind, finding guilty joy in rubbing, groping, and even lightly slapping it, just to watch it jiggle in a taut, firm fashion. “This has to be some kind of illusion,” Erianna reasoned. As she continued to explore her continually increasing dimensions, she tried to assure herself, “There’s no way that this...and that...and these are mine!” But as soon as she finished her point, as if to say “Quite the contrary, my dear”, her breasts, hips, and ass boomed outward yet again, accompanied by such a powerful, but pleasurable trembling within her as to cause her yelp out in surprise as she fell to her hands and knees. The resulting sudden shift in weight only served to further increase the strain put on her already too-small bra and leggings, until they finally yielded in their futile effort to contain the ever-expanding tide of flesh.

    SNAP! The straps of her bra were torn asunder, and Erianna, whose lungs were no longer constricted by the woefully inadequately sized underwear, inhaled sharply; her breasts reacted to this sudden intake of air by ballooning forward, the sensation of which caused a low moan to escape from her loosely pursed lips. Her boobs, already bigger than the size of her head, jiggled madly at the slightest movement caused by Erianna’s trembling, their increasing weight almost making her arms buckle underneath her. Without even looking, Erianna could feel her erect nipples, achingly stiff, poking through the woolen fabric of her shirt, begging to be played with, pinched, teased…

    At nearly the exact same moment, a distinct RRRRRIIIIIP noise shot through the hall, almost sounding like a sigh of relief following the release of incredible strain, as the seat of Erianna’s pants split open, revealing that her plain black panties had been repurposed into a thong by the immense heart-shaped cheeks she now sported. As if to celebrate their recent liberation, Erianna’s ass continued its outward expansion, further lengthening the split down the middle. The result gave Erianna a very pleasing and athletic-shaped behind, each cheek seemingly neck-in-neck in a competition to take up more space than the other. All the while, amidst the cacophony of tearing leather, groaning metal, and sensual moaning, the most Erianna was able to do was to sit there in her laboring position, her face flushed and her breathing ragged. The trembling within her that filled her senses, her core, and every extremity with so much physical joy had not subsided, and if anything, had further increased in magnitude.

    Erianna’s mind was racing; what had begun as a simple retrieval run had become this otherworldly combination of burgeoning breasts, ascending ass, and carnal contentment that left her rational mind alarmed and panicked, but had her illogical half in a quivering mess that relished every nano-second of these sensations. There’s no way this is happening right now, she thought to herself; it has to be some sort of trap set up for anyone who attempts to take the ring. If I can just keep it together long enough to make my way out of here…

    “Ohhhhhhhhhahhhhh…” was all that she managed to bellow when attempting to verbalize these thoughts. Despite every part of her being telling Erianna to lie down and enjoy this heavenly transformative experience, she knew that she had to at least make an attempt to stand up. Shakily rising to her feet, she rose to her full height, only to be met with a disorienting sense of extreme vertigo. Taking in her surroundings, Erianna was filled with a sense of confusion and dread; unable, or perhaps unwilling to comprehend why the relic room appeared so different than when she first entered, it took a brief moment for her to realize the greatest effect of the ring’s power on her being – for it wasn’t until then that Erianna realized that the scale of the room compared to her stature had been significantly downsized. That is to say, Erianna, who stood at a meager 5’2” upon entering the dungeon, now boasted a height more than a foot taller at 6’6”. At once she whipped her head around back to spy the only exit to the room, and much to her relief, a quick visual comparison revealed that she would just fit through the stone doors. A moment later and another push higher, however, and that estimation became dubious. Her escape was no longer a certainty.

    “No way…Impossible!” she cried, her voice deepening in tone and increasing in volume, as she swiftly grew to 10’6”. Immediately she began to rush towards her one chance at escaping, but as if being reminded that her increasing stature wasn’t the only thing she should be concerned with, Erianna was thrown off her stride and sent crashing to the stone floor by the increasing volume of her breasts, hips, and ass. Lying on the floor, she could feel her skin expanding and stretching along the cool stone floor, her ankles meeting the cool air as the cutoff of her leggings rose higher and constricted tighter against her skin. Her already exposed midriff was becoming taller and wider, that combined with her divine rack pushed her top to its absolute limit, until a small tear appeared right where her cleavage met the neckline. Another moment and a growth spurt later, the small rip continued its path downwards until, with a resounding noise, her top lay on the floor in tatters, followed closely by her shoulder guards, gauntlets, greaves, boots, and amulet, until she laid there on the floor, a dozen feet tall in nothing but a very overstretched pair of black panties.

    But this was not a moment to rest. Relishing in the cool air, her body greeted this wardrobe malfunction by doing what it knew best at this point – expanding even further. Erianna rose to her feet and continued her rushed escape, growing all the way. Even before she had reached the door, a growth spurt sent her head colliding with the ceiling, dust and rubble falling around her bare shoulders. Rubbing the sore spot, Erianna stumbled forward, her head bent at the neck to avoid further incident. But, unsatisfied with being 15 feet tall, Erianna’s body continued to shoot upward, until, crawling on her hands and knees, her breasts and butt awkwardly jiggling all the while, she finally reached the door. But at this point, it was already too late; with a simple push of her hand, Erianna blasted the heavy stone doors off of its hinges, only to find that she couldn’t even fit her head through the passage.

    Erianna turned around to lie on her back. Already bigger than the statue she once looked up to, all she could do was watch her legs and bare feet continue their journey towards the opposite end of the chamber, while she felt the back of her head rise against the wall. Her breasts already reached her knees, and her gigantic ass only lifted her up further, and slowly but surely, every square inch of the once intimidatingly sized relic room was becoming increasingly occupied by Erianna. “Well, this is it, I suppose,” Erianna thought to herself. “I always felt I would meet my end due to greed, but I could never imagine it would be like this!” Again, her head bumped up against the ceiling, and her feet collided with the statue of Iuna, effortlessly knocking it down. Erianna attempted to lie down as flat as she could, forcing her to slightly bend her legs due to their amazing length, while her breasts pressed harder and harder into the ceiling. By her rough estimation, that put her at around 40 feet in height, although not for long, as her body marched ever forward towards collapsing the dungeon and her assured doom.

    At this point, stretched to the point of leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, Erianna’s panties gave up the ghost with a loud SNAP, finally leaving her with nothing to cover her modesty save for a magical ring that had managed to grow along with her. Much to her embarrassment, Erianna looked down (after having to shuffle her enormous breasts out of the way) to see her maidenhood glistening with moistness. As much as she hated to admit this, especially considering her imminent end, she was incredibly turned on. The constant growth was an amazing physical experience, the feeling of constantly powering up comparing to nothing she had ever felt before. It was with grim amusement that she decided, in her final moments, she might as well go out with a bang, as she reached down and did something she couldn’t imagine ever doing on a dungeon-delving quest - teasing her absolutely needy and aching pussy. While doing that, she occupied her other hand by satisfying another growing need, as she began to grope and squeeze her enormous left breast. Immediately her body relished in satisfying her primal urges, and any thoughts regarding her approaching ruin was instantly replaced with euphoria. Not exactly one to be accused of being in touch with her sexuality, it had been ages since Erianna had explored herself, and that combined with the magic of the ring brought mind-bending pleasure to the giantess thief. Low, booming moans turned to piercing shrieks of ecstasy, as Erianna increased the vigor at which she pleasured herself, adding another finger while she was at it. She shook the dungeon at its very foundation, as rock and rubble fell around her, but she was so completely lost in a world of pleasure that she paid no attention to the debris. After a few minutes of furious finger-fucking, edging closer and closer, Erianna achieved release, emitting a sensual scream so loud, that even while being deep underground, could be heard above in the neighboring forest. Then, if her growth before was to be described as rapid, what happened next could only be called a detonation of Erianna.

    Approaching early evening, the Tralnorn Woods at the base of Kryvelt Peak was a scene of quiet tranquility. Birds fluttered here and there among the treetops on the mountains, filling the air with peaceful tunes. Critters of various shapes and sizes went about their business, securing food for themselves and their young. All in all, a normal, serene time for the residents of the forest - that is, until a low rumbling, quiet at first but increasing quickly in severity, disturbed this peaceful setting. The ground shook violently underfoot, causing much confusion among all unfortunate enough to be caught up in the chaos. Just when the quake reached its worst, it ceased entirely, and for just a moment, calm returned.

    BOOM! A colossal arm shot out from the side of Kryvelt peak, blindly grasping at the air before finding the side of the mountain, loudly slamming its immense weight against the snowclad top. A second deafening explosion of stone announced the appearance of the accompanying arm, before, finally, emerging like a surfacing swimmer, Erianna’s head tore through the peak, the result of her latest growth spurt. Rubble bounced off her ample breasts as she sat up, the once proud peak replaced by a mountain of woman instead. Still basking in the afterglow of the biggest climax of her life, both literally and figuratively, it took Erianna a moment to come to terms with her surroundings. “Well, I’m not dead, so I suppose that’s a good thing,” she stated mockingly. “On the other hand,” she continued, “I don’t think that elf and his bosses will be too happy about what happened to the Shrine. Perfect. Just perfect.” All around her, the remains of Kryvelt Peak served as a harsh reminder of her surreal situation.

    Erianna, taking care not to move more than she had to, spent a moment trying to collect her thoughts. “So, simply returning to town like nothing happened is definitely out of the question,” she remarked grimly. Even while sitting, the trees of Tralnorn woods didn’t even manage to come halfway up to her eyes. Her breasts heaved with her breathing, proportionally as big as watermelons to her - with her stature, though, each one had to be several tons worth of boob, her nipples themselves as long as a man was tall. Her butt covered the former foundation of the mountain and then some, while her humongous legs had easily made a sizeable clearing in the forest. Erianna gave a resigned sigh as she looked around at the destruction she had caused, her eyes eventually falling upon the troublesome ring still on her left hand. She tried to take it off, expending considerable effort, but it was all for naught - the ring clung to her finger too tightly for it be moved.

    It was obvious to Erianna now that the ring was the cause of all this grief, and as dispelling magical artifacts of indeterminate power was a little outside her field of specialty, she knew she had only one option - to go back to Ravensburg in her current state and request help from a knowledgeable cleric. This realization made Erianna emit a groan that startled the birds out of their trees. “Of course it would come to this. If I ever get back to normal, I’m never going to live this down.” Making every effort to be conscious of where she put her hands and feet, Erianna rose to full height of over 500 feet tall, briefly invoking a sense of vertigo before she stood steady. “Well, it should be pretty easy to find my way back, even without the map. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to have to walk around anything anymore,” she remarked sarcastically. And so, with thundering footsteps, Erianna began her trek home.


    The journey that had taken three days before was nearly complete in a manner of hours thanks to Erianna’s vastly increased stride. It was when Ravensburg was within spotting distance (which for her was about 5 miles away) that she paused. The problem of how she would exactly go about entering town became apparent to Erianna, as she was fairly certain the village folk would have trouble recognizing her and perhaps react negatively, to say the least. After running through several possible scenarios, she ultimately decided that the best way would be the most simple - walking into Ravensburg in the most congenial fashion manageable for a titaness. “Alright, here goes nothing,” Erianna muttered, doing her best to psyche herself up for this humiliating task.

    Meanwhile, the people of Ravensburg were settling down after a fruitful day of pastoral labor. Men and their sons were coming home after a hard’s day work to eat with their families. More centrally in town, the local taverns had opened their doors for patrons to come and take their fill of good food, drink, and company. All in all, it would have been a peaceful, regular evening, had the ground not started to quake in rhythmic, quick intervals. Those who were first to investigate were dumbfounded to see the cause - a gigantic, naked model of feminine beauty was gingerly stepping around buildings and making her way into the center of town, all the while displaying an almost pained grin and bellowing, “GOOD EVENING FOLKS, SORRY FOR INTERRUPTING YOUR NIGHT.”

    A shrill scream of a woman walking home with her child pierced the air, and chaos erupted. “Well, so much for that plan”, Erianna thought. Despite her best efforts to appear non-threatening, it was hard to be anything but when the town’s tallest buildings only came up to her ankles. Combined with her stark nakedness, and Erianna couldn’t help but turn beet red while a village full of people ran hysterically around her feet. Moments later, however, the town guard had been assembled, and their ranks marched forward to combat the apparent monster. Even from her considerable vantage point, Erianna could see that these men were quivering before her, and as they released their first volley of arrows (which harmlessly bounced off her ankles), she tried again to prove her good intentions.

    “Come on guys, really. If I had wanted to hurt you, don’t you think I would have done that by now?” While her logic made sense to herself, she silently cursed her shortsightedness as the implicit threat in her statement only caused the militia to redouble their efforts in repelling Erianna. “This is getting me nowhere,” she remarked with frustration. Erianna was racking her brain for some alternative solution, some other way of getting through to the frightened population when suddenly, over the din of confusion, she improved sense of hearing picked up what sounded like a collapsing building from not so far away. Looking up, she spied a column of black smoke in the distance coming from the opposite end of town. Erianna was instantly reminded of what set her on this bizarre adventure in the first place as she realized what else besides her could have caused such damage.
            “Excuse me everyone, I’ll be right back to continue this farce,” she announced as she carefully made her way through Ravensburg. After a few minutes, she reached the rural outskirts of town, and sure enough, she spotted a battalion of orcs making their way towards her, the same that had tormented her home so much in recent months, sewing devastation in their wake. That is, until they were greeted by the imposing figure of Erianna Delivorias, who in a few strides was already right upon them. Even the biggest of the orcs couldn’t compare to the smallest of Erianna’s toes, so she felt pretty confident in her odds. Bending over, Erianna spoke in a playful voice, “Okay tough guys. Which one of you is the leader of this group?” All but one of the orcs fell to their knees. “Alrighty then,” Erianna continued, “you and I are going to have a little chat. The rest of you can leave, and if you ever bother these people again, I’ll know.” She concluded with a sly wink as the small army ran in the opposite direction (unnaturally fast for orcs, Erianna noticed).

    Left alone with Erianna, the orc chieftain could do nothing but crane his neck upwards and emit a small, pitiful whimper. Being careful not to damage his fragile form, Erianna used two fingers to pinch the scruff of his neck and lifted him high into the air to meet her eye-to-eye. “You’re going for a little ride, friend,” Erianna joked, as she placed the orc neatly in her canyon of cleavage. Passenger secured, Erianna made her way back towards the village.

    In her absence, an anxious moment of peace had settled over the citizens of Ravensburg, but this was shattered as Erianna returned to the center of town. Except this time, without saying anything, she pulled out her little traveller from his resting place and gently placed him down for all to see. The orc stood with shaking knees, having not quite recovered from the experience of being manhandled so brusquely. Erianna nudged him with her toe, admonishing him, “Go on, just like we practiced.”

    The orc chieftain fell to the ground sobbing. “Gorlag so sorry! Gorlag promise he and tribe never bother stupid town or giant lady ever again, for as long as Gorlag lives! Please let Gorlag live!” Any further words the orc might have had to share had devolved into pitiful blubbering, as Erianna picked him back up and set him on his feet.

    “Very good Gorlag. Now, you remember what I said to do next, right?” Without a moment’s hesitation, Gorlag sprinted towards the way out of Ravensburg, never to return. A very confused populace looked up at their apparent protector, no longer quite so wary of the giantess. Meanwhile, satisfied at having kept her word, Erianna stood with hands at her hips, a wry smile creeping along her face. “Well, this may be inconvenient as all get out, but at least there are some perks,” she joked.

    However, this was not the end of the day’s mysteries. At that moment, Erianna’s ring began to emit a warm glow, and before she had a chance to notice, she was overwhelmed yet again with another sensation of weightlessness. Holding her hand to her temple, the mighty Erianna slowly began to shrink in size, 500 feet becoming 450, which then became 350, continuing on until she stood at a respectable 6 and half feet tall. Opening her eyes, Erianna was shocked at this sudden turn of events, not the least of which was that she still maintained her voluptuous figure granted to her while in the Shrine of Iuna. Looking around, it was all she could manage to do to smile sheepishly at the surrounding people. “So, what a day. Before anyone says anything, I’d really, really like some clothes, please,” she smirked.

    Having finally recognized their hero now that she was in a more familiar shape, the town of Ravensburg erupted in uproarious cheering for Erianna. People rushed forward to greet their protector and to shake her hand or pat her on the back. All the while, Erianna, who would have usually enjoyed her celebrity status, wanted nothing more than to sleep in her own bed after such an exhausting trial. Tomorrow was a new day, and with her new title as the Lady Defender of Ravensburg, she knew that her troubles were just beginning.

Erianna and the Ring of Iuna
My first attempt at creative writing. It's a short growth story starring my character, Erianna Delivorias. Thanks to :iconblackspyro33: for inspiring me to pick up the pen, as well as :iconluckyjack020: for helping proofread as well as putting up with my Skype spam :P


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